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Did I win her?


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This seems to be the second time I've managed to fall for a girl with a boyfriend - but, coincidentally, were in relationships that were already long since degrading and dissolving. So I step in and take over.


I'm at the point where this girl has told me she likes me but remains to nervous to do anything since she knows this will tear the little heart out of her boyfriend. She's even said she just wants to be with me...


So why do people keep telling me she's cheating on him just because we've been hanging out a lot lately?

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Cheating isn't always physical, it's mental as well. Having friends is one thing but having feelings for someone else while in a relationship and acting on those feelings (and again, physical or mental) is cheating. As an example: A couple of months ago I developed a "crush" on someone. I love my boyfriend very much and would never intentionally do anything to hurt him and so I distanced myself from this person, problem solved before it even started.

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Yeah, cheating can certainly be emotional as well. I had a similar situation happen to me once, except I was in the boyfriend's shoes. I know what it feels like to have some clod steal away your girl out from under your nose. Not pleasant. Besides, if she does it to him, she will probably do the same to you later.

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