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is she is mature enough to love me

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hi,i am from india which is supposed to be vary traditional view,i am in love with a girl she proposed me 2 months back ,i said yes we use to talk her everyday,she call me every morning i smile loooking towards me and give me flying kiss , she show every thing that suggest me that she love me more than anything else she want me like crazy but main problem is she is only 16 a school girl i am 22 .still she love me talking with me of marrige plan etc. she treat me like husband always afraid if i get angry and leave heri cant really understand is she is mature enough that to take the decision to love me or it is just an attraction of changing age i am confuse .......

slowly slowly im getting involved in her but what happen if she changes and stop loving me ?????? im not strong enough to lose her but it will be more easy to leave her now than after more time .....

but it is hard to find true love i think her love is innoscence and true but problem is age?????

she said she will not leave me ,she always pray for me at god and always in love with me

but how can i trust her she lie tome once and she is just 16 can i trust that she will not change please help..........


Sameer Shinde

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Hello, I am also from a society considered traditional and I have seen many girls marry at 16 or even younger, it is possibly to keep a relationship with a teenager but usually when the man is around that age too. You question her maturity and honesty, and it can happen she's excited an older man is interested in her, she might like the idea of dating a guy older than the boyfriend of most of her school friends, so yes, with time she could change her mind, she might think she loves you at this point but she might just be infatuated.


Maybe the best you can do is not rush things, I would say you can date until she's older but you seem to prefer to end it, you haven't dated long, I would give things a bigger chance, if you get hurt that's what love is about anyway, the risk is always there.

Good Luck.

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