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I dated and was intimate with a man who worked in a different building at the time. He's been in my building since August '05 and will be there until around June '06.


I see him in the hall about once or twice a week and we act like we don't see each other. As part of my job, I have to send out something like an email once a month to a distro list, which includes him. It will be like this even after he moves out of town in June.


Technically, is this breaking NC and does it have the same adverse effects? He became engaged to someone else in November and decided that he and I couldn't "remain in contact," which didn't make me happy. I've met someone else also, although I'm not moving as quickly as he did.


If it was up to me, he and I could be civil to each other when we see each other, but that's not happening, no "hello, how are you's". Since it's clear we have to remain in contact, should I try one more attempt to see if we can at least be civil to each other and say hello to each other? Should I try to talk to him when I do see him? He helped me out during a rough time in my life when my mother passed away, and it's sad to me that he now feels he can't even say hello to me. I don't really know what to do. I do know that I don't like being in the same building with him and not even speaking to him.

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As for the monthly email, it goes out to a distro list, which includes him. Neither one of us has a choice in the matter. It just looks like my name appears in his email inbox until he opens the email to read it. We didn't work together when we first met, so no need to lecture about not dating people at work.

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