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The best of two evils?

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I talked with my ex-girlfriend tonight. I told her that I needed time two weeks ago and then, without telling anyone, she went home for a week and wouldn't respond to my e-mail. She just got back and come over. We talked and decided to be friends, but she was trying to make it more than that. I told her that I'm not interested in dating other girls right now, but, in fact, I am. I'm interested in dating a girl that I accidentilly kissed at a bar while I was still dating my ex. I came clean with my ex and she knows who it was. we're broken up now and I would like to keep seeing this other girl. This is the first time I have ever gotten mixed up in relationship weirdness and I'm pretty confused. There's a good chance that she'll find out within a week. Do I just wait for it all to set off OR do I call my ex tomorrow, totally recant my previous statement about not being interested in other girls and then throw salt in the wound by telling her who it is? What's the best evil here?

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I think that you should simply say for now that you are INTERESTED IN MOVING ON. Don't mention either wanting or not wanting other girls .. tell her that you are interested in having some space now. If she happens to find out, tell her you felt ready to move on. I think you should have been honest with her in the first place, and you will frankly look like a jerk changing your story, but if you're broken up, it really isn't her place now anyways.

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