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Angel Eyes


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My heart once ached with sadness,

Frightened to start anew.

Until that twisted highway,

Led me right to you.


Each day I stand beside you,

And I will throughout the years,

To guide you through this maze called life,

And catch your fallen tears.


I never want to lose you,

I love you far too much.

My heart would break a thousand times,

If I ever lost your touch.


I fell like a wounded soldier,

With only love to blame.

Enveloped in the passion,

As my soul whispered your name.


There always is a rainbow,

At the end of every storm.

You have to push your way through darkness,

Until the light is bourne.


With you the sun is shining,

And the sky is never grey.

As I gaze into those angel eyes,

I love you more each day.

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