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it sounds to me like you're not ready to date if you keep thinking of your ex.


i am not going to date until i stop comparing all the females i meet to my ex, plus my head is not in the right place right now. i would feel bad to get involved with someone when i cannot get over my ex just yet. i know that i may never get over my ex but i know there'll be a point in time when i will stop comparing everyone to her.


i don't mind making new female friends right now though. maybe you should just stick with that, and then when you're ready to date, you'll have all these female friends that have other female friends!

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Hang in there man.....we've all been there and you've read it all. Now its time for you to go through it all ...alone....be strong we're here for you. If you must let it out, cry and allow yourself to feel things. I lost my father back 7 years ago...and that pain is still there, believe me it hurts. When my girl comes and goes...it hurts, i cry-breath, think of my dad and that pain puts things in perspective. The GREATEST HUMAN LIE is the worlwide notion that we're meant to be with one person...for ever. But nothing last forever, everything changes...people too...move on, come back later....ect


If someone told us that TRUTH when we were groing up, maybe we'd stop holding on so much, waiting and hoping for that day when we meet "that" special one to stay with us forever...ever...and ever. But while we wait for that day, many many many special things are coming and going out of our lives. Life is short and is meant to be shared with others. Not on "that special day", but maybe everyday for every day we have on this physical planet.


I cry...because no one told me that...nothing last forever. When we are born, we die someday, to be born again. Next time you meet someone(could be today) remember its not forever, only its for now. Enjoy all they have to offer and be better than yesterday.

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My therapist offers to help people fall out of love and the patients said it worked wonders. If the ex is not in love with us, then it wouldn't hurt not being in love with them. Sort of puts everyone at the same level, no? I'd suggest talking to a therapist and see if they can help you achieve this. Otherwise, these dates start to appear more like cheating.

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