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How would I exactly do this?

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So lately Ive been coming with my friend to his Chem course to kill that hour before my other courses begin Anyway, I have noticed this one rather cute girl who sits near us. Actually, as it turns out, she is in one of my other gen-ed courses, I never noticed her b4 as she rarely comes to that course


Anyway.. I was wondering if there are any recommendations of how I could approach her? Up to now hookups have been actually quite random, where I somehow started talking to a girl at some event/party, and we end up doing something later on... so I don't exaclty have 50 notches behind my belt on picking up girls from out of the blue... especially in a course with like 400 people.. so u can bet how hectic it gets when people enter or leave O_O. So um, any advice on how I would go about this? Or at least how I could start this... I can carry things on from there... I just need some sort of a start..... some sort of super cheesy pickup line maybe hahaha





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you go to a chem class you don't have to? I have a degree in chemistry and even I didn't do that!!!! Wow.


Anyways, just go up and talk to her. Say, 'hi - how's it going." After a few convos like that, maybe ask her to have lunch with you sometime.


The simplest line is the best

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hahaha, just call me a super good friend for keeping my friend awake in class Plus its not liek I really pay attention, mainly play games on my laptop, and smack him upside the head when he starts nodding off


I guess I'll go for the direct approach, whooooowee. Nervous I am Any further advice is still appareciated



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