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he said and now he wants to take it back

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So we finally got time to sit down and really talk about everything (for those who don't know the story see does one always fall first)...and he basically said that he wants to pretend like he never said it. Is that possible, is that the only solution? What's the next step that we should take? He seems to understand that I need more time...and I understand that he won't wait forever...but can you pretend like I love you was said? Is this just something that we are going to have to take day by day?

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Why don't you just trust him and be with him? He put his heart on the line for you, and you don't want it? I don't understand why your dating someone you're not sure of.


Sometimes you have to take risks and trust people who care for you.Follow your heart before he follows his and leaves you, is my advice.

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