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Lexapro Question

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I had posted a few weeks back about Lexapro, and I have begun coming off the medicine. I started at 10mg daily -- so when I began to ween, I spent 2 weeks at 10 mg every other day. Now i am down to 5 mg every other day for 2 weeks, and for the 1st time since this began I am starting to get dizzy spins (nothing to make me fall down -- but more of a "head rush") -- I have read alot and I hear people go through ALOT worse, but I am curious if this is normal -- should I keep to the 5mg every other day for another week or two, go back up to 10mg every other day (which i wouldn't see why at this point), or just continue down to 2.5 mg a day??


Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks again!


- Cory

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I would inform the doctor of how you are currently feeling before weaning yourself down to 2.5 mg every other day. Your doctor may want to keep you on the 5 mg every other day for a bit longer OR wean you to 2.5 mg every day. Definitely let your doc know what's happening though. Thanks for updating us.



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You will definitely want to check with your doctor.


When I tapered off Lexapro I spent the entire tapering off period feeling crappy. Headachy, kinda light-headed and just generally out-of-sorts. It all went away after I was completely off the Lexapro for about 2 weeks. I just attributed all the symptoms to my brain/body adjusting to the departure of the chemicals....sorta like detox. It made sense to me that there would be a period of physical withdrawl symptoms. Your body doesn't make a distinction between "illegal" and "prescription" drugs, it'll process the departure of those substances from your system in the same way.

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oh i've definatly called in to see what's going on. But i switched doctors in mid-prescition -- and since the new DX didn't perscribe it -- I am just checking what he's said against what i've heard other people have gone through (obviously taking what he says pretty much to be what I am doing)

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I'm interested in this discussion because I have just started taking Lexapro --- it's been 3 days, and I'm feeling a little weird. Not much better yet, but I can feel a weird sensation, kind of a buzz or something. I am also taking Klonopin for anxiety, until the Lexapro kicks in. What should I expect in the coming days and weeks?

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Ah, Lexapro...like all anti-depressants it will take several weeks to kick in and other people around you will probably notice the changes in your mental state before you do.


I wanna say you have to be on it for 4-6 weeks before you start noticing its intended effect (side effects will show up sooner), and my doc wouldn't put me on it until I agreed to stay on it as prescribed for a minimum of 6 months. I have had mild chronic, endogenous depression most of my adult life, but have learned to (and prefer to) manage it without the use of drugs. Every once in a while, I get triggered into a major depression and I'm not too proud to use a little chemical assistance to get over the worst of it.


After I was on it for a couple months, here's how I described my mental state to my shrink:


It's like floating in water that's the same temperature as your body...you can't really tell where you end and the water begins. There would be things that would bother me at work (I was on Lexapro last time because of a work-induced nervous break down), and I'd start to get pissed then it would fizzle out.....like it was too much trouble to get angry. It took out all the extremes -- high & low -- and left me (mentally) in a very comfortable middle ground...thereforeeee the body-temperature water analogy.


It was the mental stability I needed to get another job lined up and get out of the bad situation I was in, but once I switched jobs, I really missed having a full range of emotions. The middle ground was like eating bland macaroni and cheese everyday. Filling. Comforting. BORING!


I took this as a sign I was getting better.


I stayed on it for a little over 7 months, then tapered off. Haven't needed them since. Been off them for...oh...a little over a year and a half now.


I gotta say though, I have learned to adopt that "being in warm water" attitude even though I'm not taking the meds anymore. If I find myself getting worked up about things I have no control over, I will consciously try to re-create that Lexapro state of mind. It keeps me focused on doing what I can and not allowing what's out of my control to bother me.

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I was on 20mg and stopped cold turkey, emotionally I felt like crap but I didn't notice any physical symptoms from it exactly. My biggest problem was the mood swings. I dunno about dizzyness, I wasn't sleeping and eating much at the time and I have a high tolerance for 'pain' so I may just have not noticed. Talk to your doc, make a list of all your symptoms and have them address each one.

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Hi - i'm in the early early phases of weaning off my lexapro. Excuse me if I make typos, etc. But my eyes are really bothering me - one of my withdrawl symptoms I guess. I've been reading and reading this morning about others going through this same process and frankly have freaked myself out. I am strong and can do this. Right now I need to run errands and am worried my ability to drive won't be what it should be. . . .just glad to have found a place to ask for help and talk about what I will be going through over the next several months. Had been on Lexapro for about a year after my doc decided the celexa wasn't working tooo well anymore (had been on celexa about 3 years along with effexor - that I will discontinue but with medical guidance - that really scares me based on my reading . . . to go off effexor that is. . . what have I done to myself??).


So this is the beginning. Any pearls of wisdom out there for me?



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hi - i've been on 20 mg (and my psych told me to take 40 mg. during difficult times). Yesterday I took 10 mg. and my eyes have bothered me a lot - and my ability to think clearly is a bit cloudy but otherwise I'm doing ok. . . .I'm psych (iatrist) closed her private practice to work at a local hospital so she transferred me to my family doc. . . I can do this by myself and will be very careful. But I want to stop these meds!

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You should NOT do this by yourself. This should only be done under medical supervision - especially if you are having difficulties. You need to work together with your doctor to tell whether it is a good idea to stop the meds or not.

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Of course we'll support you but we are not doctors. We can't diagnose you or give you truly sound medical advice. Only a doctor can do that.


None of us want to see you risk your health (both mental and physical). I implore you to consult a doctor since you are having side effects from trying to tinker with your medication dosage.

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