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hi- i was wondering.. what would an appropriate present be for my boyfriend of almost a year? let me explain the situation-


he asked me out last year 8 days after valentines day. so we've been dating for a year on the 22nd. this is confusing to me cause am i supposed to get him a present? and if i do should i also get him a one year present or should i combine them and what would be a good thing to get him? should it be like a birthday present or one of those stupid stuffed bear things at the card shops?


any input would be great! thanks!

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There is a gift finder / suggestion site that could be helpful. Just depends on what he likes and dislikes and what type gift you feel comfortable getting for him. I have used it a few times to get ideas for something unique or different. I didnt buy from the site, but got ideas and went out and purchased something similar in nature, locally. YOu can use the gift wizard to put in their gender, age, occasion, etc and then click search and will bring up quite a few ideas. When the gift suggestions come up, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, to see if there is more than one page of ideas. It might or might not be of help to you. Just thought I would pass it along as its been helpful to me many times. Just click the link below.


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