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okay, its been a long time since i've let this out. but please hear me out.

first i know people are going to find me gross for doing this but i've been through alot of emotional distress about it, and i hope you can all just give me advice.



let me start off by saying i was 16 at the time and she was 12

now i did not KNOW she was 12 until after the incident happand.

she told me she was 14 going on 15


anyway we met online (this is the last time i meet someone off line)

and we started talking. now i write music and stuff so thats how she found me, she loved my music and we began talking. anyway right away (within the first few days of meeting her online) she became sexual towards me, and as any guy my age at the time (about a year ago) i decided to follow along.


about 3 or 4 months pass and she was like "do you wanna be my boyfriend", since i totally was into her, i said yeah, and there came a day where she was like

"hey my moms not going to be home on this day, do you wanna come over and fool around?" i was like okay, because 1, we never hung out alone so we could chill and stuff. anyway she began to motion me to do things.

i will say right now i DID NOT have sex with her. and i DID NOT force her to do anything. anyway things started to 'heat up' so to speak. we were making out and touching and she wanted me to go down on her.. so i sat there for like a minute thinking about it.. i immeatley knew if something bad happand then it would be wrong and would bite me in the * * *. but i was kinda horny.


anyway as i was about to do it, i looked at her and said "are you sure?" she said yea, then i said "okay but if you want me to stop just say stop" and i made it clear to her about it.. anyway i did. and i left because her mom was going to come home.


now. at the time i didnt care. because i liked her allot, she liked me alot, we were secretly going out. now.. turns out she tells her best friend ashly.


turns out my best friend henry knows ashleys brother, and they told each other. right away i knew it was bad. i confronted the girl and she was like "i only told one person" and that one person told someone, and they told someone ect. now fast forward alittle bit. i decided to tell her that i was goign thru stress and we shouldnt talk. she got upset and cried and stuff because she "loved me"


but it was over.. now about 3 months later i get a call on my cell, someone left a message saying they were from the california sherrifs department concuring the girl.. now i was scared. but i called back. luckely she didnt answer and i left a message saying "yea this is..... you called me about.... and i'm returning yoru call" since then i havnt got a call back.


but i changed my number due to something else (i was being harassed about something else) anyway, i changed my number. then the sheriff found my email. okay no biggie. she was like "do you know .... " and stuff.

being she was a sheriff i was 100% formal with what i said. not too much hpanned but she was basicley like "i know what happened, it has been brought to my attention.. " ect. now at this point i'm scared. cuz sherif, and something i did..


okay so after about a month of no reply back from the sheriff i change my email. because of spam. and that i was scared. so i changed my email.

erased my tracks, of AIM conversations, Myspace Messages. EVERYTHING I COULD. because i didnt want them to catch me.


anyway i JUST looked at something on her deviant art thing, a poem. i swear to god nothing has ever made me shiver by reaading something..

along the lines was lke "he will pay, he never knew what he did to me, i hope he goes to jal and never makes bail"


this is scary. but then i re assure my self. that we were both underage,

i asked her before anything happand. and that i didnt demand anything or force her in any way. she DID not, do anything to me, it was basicley i went down on her and we made out. nothing else.


since we were underage, and all of what i said. what should i do?

am i safe?


the poem was written in july of 2005, its now febuary 2006. but since i changed my email and number i havnt gotten anything from anybody.

she IMed me about a month ago saying hi or something and i blocked her. i dont want anything to do with her for as long as i live.


it was hard for me to type this but i am despratley need to tell someone, and i need answeres...


please help me out here, and dont say anything about the age thing, i KNOW it was wrong...

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Its seems to me that this is a young girl, wanting to play in the shoes of a woman, she lost you, sort of speak, when she ran her mouth, and the word got out.....Now I would think that if there were the cops involved and it was that serious of a matter, if they want you, they WILL find you.......Its seems like there are games being played and you are the one being played......If a sheriff official did call you, you would of been given a name, and a number to contact them, and if you did call back like you said, I am sure in a case like this, your message would not of been over looked.....And when you called, and left a message?? wouldnt you be given the number to call the police station? and when you got the voicemail? did it even sound official? And NO sheriffs department is going to contact you via email, that just dont make any sense to me at all....... You had your moment with her, and it seems to me like she has turned that moment into a time that she can seek attention from whom ever......I would say you have nothing to worry about, cuz if they wanted you? and it was the truth? trust me, they would find you, they always do......But I would watch my step in the future and stay clear of this girl......Good luck

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Are you sure this "sheriff" is really a sheriff, or is it someone she knows trying to rattle your cage for revenge? (that by the way, would be harassment on her part- falsely posing as law enforcemnt officials is also a serious crime)


Even if it is a sheriff- I don't think you will go to jail. You were both a young age- it's not like you were 18 and she was the only minor. You also did not know her age because she lied, so she trapped you in a way.


You don't want to live your life paranoid like this. Is there an adult you can confide in about it?


I don't think jail is something you need to worry about though. Honestly, if a sheriff or whoever thought you did anything seriously wrong, there would be a warrant out for your arrest, they would not waste time with phone calls and e-mails to you. Something sounds fishy.


You need to learn what the laws are where you live, for piece of mind. This girl sounds a little wacko so it's best that you be totally informed. I think you need to confide this to an adult who can help you figure out the best course of action. I know you will think that is embarrassing, but I think it's much better than you living stressed-out and scared, as you currently are.



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I think if the police really wanted to find you...they would. And not with phone calls and emails. They would put out a warrant and find you. They would come to your house. They also would not say things like "i know what happened" since they only know one side, and want to hear yours as well. Are you really sure it was an actual sheriff? Did it sound "right" to you?


I honestly don't believe they are really out "looking for you". And if they were, it sounds like there would be no reason for them to pursue if you were both underage and no intercourse occurred. It was consensual, she also lied about her age.


As for her, she sounds a bit loopy. I would definitely NOT be in her life at this point as it sounds peculiar - she lied about her age, had that strange poem, either reported it to police or got someone to mess with your mind, whom knows. It just does not sound right.


I would suggest you perhaps go talk to a guidance counsellor or an adult you can trust, to help you at this point to protect yourself and also maybe they can do some legwork to find out what is really going on.

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I agree with everyone here too. There was no sheriff. And I don't think any thing you said was gross. If you really were lied to, what can you do? I hope you are being honest with yourself about what happened. I think if you've described everything that REALLY happened you know as well as the rest of us that you have nothing to worry about. If something else happened, or you are a different age than you say....maybe you should be scared.


But I agree with the person who said you should inform yourself about the laws and distance yourself from these people. Good luck, be honest and always use protection.

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I'm with RayKay on this one. Law enforcement doesn't send emails - they show up. They also don't discuss details of any case of the phone, so I am fairly certain it wasn't the Sheriffs Dept. that called/emailed you.


Stay away from her forever. When you turn 18, go out with other 18 year olds and older. Ask for ID if in doubt.

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Yes, I thiink that legally you are ok. I guess this is a good lesson. It is too bad this girl messed things up because it sounds like you really liked her. But her actions show that she was probably not someone that you would have wanted to be with anyway.

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You are fine - law enforcement doesnt just "Somehow get" your email and then start emailing you after you change your phone number. Theyd just get your new phone number from the phone company. Also they would either send out a warrant for your arrest and have you picked up or ask you to come to the station. Sounds to me like this girl is messing with your head. Don't worry about it.

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