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Seeking Advice for a Beginning Relationship

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I sent a simple introduction message to a girl on MySpace. She replied with a simple hello and introduction and that was the end of it.


Last week, she messaged me again saying that she hadn't heard from me along with some general chit-chat.


I responded and I requested her MSN Messenger ID. We talked for a while and after a couple of days our chatting turned very flirty.


We stayed up all night chatting on a couple occasions.


Now she's calling me and she even introduced the idea that we send emails to each other every day with 20 random things about ourselves, which I committed myself to doing.


We seem to be hitting it off very well, but I am well aware that that doesn't necessarily guarantee we would face to face.


She has dated a lot of guys before and is very fond of kissing, flirting, cuddling, etc. (Who isnt?)


I, myself, am relatively new to the dating world. I've only dated one girl seriously, and a handful of girls who I had no chemistry with.


This girl is a challenge. She definitely knows how to use push and pull, but I can see by particular remarks, that she has a genuine interest in me. She is also extremely intelligent and seems to be very femenistic. Daunting, yet intriguing and very attractive.


We have discussed my flying out to visit her. (Flying is my second nature because I can fly for free (mom works for SWA), so it would be very easy.


She agrees and we're looking for correlating gaps in our schedules to plan am all-day date.


So, my concern. What can I do to keep her interest? I know women want things they can't have 100 times more, but I don't know how to go about this. I want to keep her interest level peaked until I meet her, which probably won't be for a few more weeks.


It's funny because I really like her already. How do I get her to feel the same way about me (whether she already does or doesn't)?


I feel like I'm showing her too much interest, which can be dangerous. I don't think ignoring her for a few days would help...Maybe make her jealous? I don't know. I just want to get this right.


She wants to "compare notes" about what we think of each other tomorrow. I am tempted to say, oh, you're so awesome and I can't wait to meet you...I want to meet you right now. But that might be giving her the upper hand. What should I say as not to sound desparate, while maintaining her interest?


I also don't want to sound as if I'm being too serious about this whole fling (potential relationship) even though I really am. She's done a very good job maintaining a light view of this whole thing, but our progression is evidence that is is potentially a serious thing.


I'm also curious as to whether she is interested in a genuine relationship or a boy toy.


Any ideas? Advice?


Thanks. I just want to make sure I'm not being too easy for her.

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Just be honest with her. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but playing little games such as trying to ignore her/make her jealous, and attempts and such get really old for everyone. I really hate these little games, myself. If you’re going to be honest, be honest. There shouldn’t be any twists and turns purposefully made when things are complicated enough.

Just my 2 cents.


Good luck!!!

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