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Hello everyone..


Just a quick post cause Im feeling a little low this morning. The 'former' left this morning for the Dominican Republic. She and her sister are going for a week for a little vacation. I think its great, and that it is something that she really needs, (if she can actually let herself relax and enjoy it.)


Anyhow, I was hoping to say goodbye to her, and to wish her well. Seems though, we just missed eachother's phonecalls. I received an email from her, but without being able to hear her voice, its just not the same.


I know, its not really my 'duty' to be saying goodbye to her. I understand that she has no obligations to do the same either. But it still is hard.


She is half way accross the planet (give or take) yet it still feels so much further. Tonight I have that hollow feeling in my chest, and its hard to smile about anything. Im not depressed.. nor particularily sad. I guess it just feels as though my soul has been temporarily removed.


But, in spite of the vast space, countless miles, and lets not forget emotional planes between us, I will take little comfort in knowing that maybe we will meet tonight, in dreams.


To hold her in my arms, and be witness to her smile.. even in dreams would make my day.


Thanks for listening....



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Hang in there man.....we've all been there and you've read it all. Now its time for you to go through it all ...alone....be strong we're here for you. If you must let it out, cry and allow yourself to feel things. I lost my father back 7 years ago...and that pain is still there, believe me it hurts. When my girl comes and goes...it hurts, i cry-breath, think of my dad and that pain puts things in perspective. The GREATEST HUMAN LIE is the worlwide notion that we're meant to be with one person...for ever. But nothing last forever, everything changes...people too...move on, come back later....ect


If someone told us that TRUTH when we were groing up, maybe we'd stop holding on so much, waiting and hoping for that day when we meet "that" special one to stay with us forever...ever...and ever. But while we wait for that day, many many many special things are coming and going out of our lives. Life is short and is meant to be shared with others. Not on "that special day", but maybe everyday for every day we have on this physical planet.


I cry...because no one told me that...nothing last forever. When we are born, we die someday, to be born again. Next time you meet someone(could be today) remember its not forever, only its for now. Enjoy all they have to offer and be better than yesterday.

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