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hello everyone!

well i am 14 years old turning 15 in a few months

i am right 167cm(5'6) and im concerend that i wont grow much taller

i want to be at leats 177(5'10) but by the looks of it, i wont be liek that

my dad is 165(a little over 5'5) so i dont think i wont grow much more

is it true that as long as my growth plates arnt closed i will grow more?and if so when do growth plates usualy close?and if they arent closed what should i do to grow taller?such as food and exercise?

any replies are apreciated

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My young friend don't even worry about it. You never know what the future holds. Just take care of yourself and don't smoke. You are very young and there is no way of knowing how tall you will be. There are so many other things in life to focus on. Just be a good person and always give 100% to things you care about. Study hard and focus on school.

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Your still growing! Like the others have said, don't worry about your height. Your the same height as I am and Im glad that Im this height because I can fit in any car perfectly, my feet doesn't hang off the bed, and there are many more advantages to being the height you are.

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You are young, you still have time to grow. And even if you don't, being tall isn't anything special. Sure, you can reach the top shelf easier, but its a hassle to bend down for the bottom shelf. And it helps if you want to be a basketball player. But otherwise, its nothing special.


Height doesn't change the person you are. I'm only 5'7''/5'8''. I know a girl who is only 5'4'' and another girl whose only 4'9''. Both great people. Whatever height you are, leave that up to genetics. You'll be as tall as you get, but it won't cahnge who you are inside.

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