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SO ANGRY!!!!!! GRRR sorry venting :(

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Basically this is post is for advice and also to rant and rave about how pissed off I am.


My guy and I have been having problems. We are not official but have been dating about 2 months, and he's said he wants me to be his girl. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't seem to care about problems we're having (already!!!)


I haven't seen him in a week. Those days I don't talk to him, I get *a* text from him. One. If I ever text him, he always follows up that text with "well i'm about to go (insert activity here)." It is so frustrating to think that during our "honeymoon" phase, things are going so * * * *ty.


So last night, I finally confessed to him that I'm fighting disappointment about certain things .. the lack of texts, not seeing him for a long time when there is plenty of time that we could see each other, etc... and so we talked, and he said he would call me the next day to figure out a time to meet up. He did call the next day, but we never figured out when we were gonna see each other.


Then tonight I got invited out with my friends and askd him if he wanted to come. Deep down, I knew he would say no, but he texted me and said he'd "see what was up for tonight". Lo and behold, he called me at like 10:30 to let me know he's not coming out. He said he's gonna stay in and watch Seinfeld.


Do I have any right to be angry?? I feel like never talking to him again.

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I agree with Tigris. This guy doesnt really seem to be interested in a real relationship. He has proved that to you by having little contact and not planning to do anything with you.

I can understand your frustrations over this. I do think you should find some one better that is going to be interested in spending time and communicating with you.

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He may be a jerk or maybe he did not want to go out with other people. See if he wants to see you alone and then judge his response. He could be anitsocial and just want to be with you. I am probably wrong, but just going off of my own experiences in the past.

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