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A Few Stupid questions!...........

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Is it wrong to date 2 guys @ the same time? I have no commitment to either one of them but would it be wrong?

There is one guy that I went out on a date with, were supposed to go on a 2nd date soon would it be rude to go on a date with someone else?

The guy that I went on a date with claims he's "shy" I mean it seems alot like he is, BUT he barely calls me or talks to me(he only texts me) and Im kinda shy too....I wonder is he really shy or just not interested? he's hard to read? Its soo hard to read someone who is shy!!

He was supposed to call today( hasnt yet) so Im guessing this is dunzo?

I mean how often is someone supposed to call you?

We barely have anything to say to one another..how bad is that?

If I call him and ask whats his deal will I seem desperate? I really want to know so I can move on and date other people or still try to be with him!!???

Not to brag or anything but I get hit on quite a bit and it seems dumb to just hold out for one guy.....although I do really like him and he is really nice!

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That is the definition of dating. I have so many female friends that date multiple men. This is your time to find out who you want to spend your time with. All is fair until you have a committment. It takes many dates to determine how you feel about someone. It takes time to get to know people and that is why you date.

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Is it wrong to date 2 guys @ the same time?


I think that's a personal decision, and there is no "right" or "wrong" in the absolute sense, only what is "right" or "wrong" for you.


I personally only date one person at a time and expect the same from the other person. Why? I think it's better to devote one person's attention and affection to one other person. A relationship with another person deserves a shot, a fair shake, and in order to do that, I feel you give them 100%...

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