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Okay, I told the guy that I like him. I had been hanging out with him for 3 years. We had been going out and just spending time together. I can tell him anything. But this time it was the feeling of rejection that i didn't want. It was hard but I told him. His response... " You are the my best best friend in the whole world."


He didn't shoot me down, but I still felt like I had lost something. It wasn't painful, but it was just that feeling. This must mean that he wants to be friends. Am I reading right?


We still talk and I'm happy about that. But I don't want to push myself on him. So i guess I should calm my nerves and wait. What do you think?

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Hi There,


I have been dealing with this same issue. My friend said the same thing and yes that is what he meant. He (my friend) wants to be my friend and only that. It hurts like hell especially when this feels like an added bonus since everything else is awesome. Right now I have to get my feelings in check because they aren't helping the friendship at all.


My suggestion to you would be pull back a bit and get your feelings in check or if you can handle hanging out with him with nothing romantic in return then you are really strong.


I know this sucks but like my friends and family have said to me that someone that will share in the same feelings as you could be right around the corner and if you focus too much on someone who doesnt share that point of view then you could just miss that one that does.


All my best and good luck,

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