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Hi. My friend hurt me really bad today. One friend I thought I could trust, and one that would stand up for me. I learned differently. He moved here last July. Nobody liked him, well...they all thought he was weird. He asked me out and I agreed. It was fun. We dated for about a month. We didn't get very close though. It was more of a friendship. A close friendship. So we broke up. I went out with sum1 else, who I'm still with. He found sum1 else too. But we allways stayed friends. His girldfriend though didn't like me very much. She acted like a * * * * * to me. It hurt. He didn't even care. Not a little bit. Not at all. So I said she ws a * * * * *. He took a spaz trying to protect her. But then I got this e-mail. Now I'm not popular and I'm not ery pretty. So it's easy to be meen to me. And honestly name DO hurt. I've gotten 50 HATE e-mail from people in the last 4 months. Thats about 7 a month! It hurts. I don't reply back cause I have no reason too. This is the e-mail I got today that hurt so bad. I've gotten lots before but it was just silly names like s***k or s**t. This one hurt so bad though. I think it might have been because it was form a best friend, who I THOUGHT cared about me. When him and Avalon break up, I'll be there. But he doesn't realize that. Anyways her's the e-mail he sent me - hey unno what avalon is not a * * * * * you are the real one if you think that. I cant help that you dont like her and you are jelious of us / her GET USE TO IT SHE IS MY GIRL FRIEND GET USE TO IT AND LIVE WITH IT and learn to take a joke. get a sense of humour. i was on the line with dakoda thats why it was blocked and i heard you say that no one likes her except for me i dont just like her i love her and i was also on the line with her when she called and told you of and you said you never said any thing well guees what i am a wittness and you are an bair faced lier. and stop telling lies about her. and alot of people like her and shes got alot of friends not like you that no one likes. oh ya and one more thing stop talking about her or she will kick your * * * and dont you think she cant becouse she can. now go back to the fatty farm moo!! my point made.

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This person is not a friend. Even at the lowest part in a friendship, friends don't stoop to this level. This girl has changed him and someday he will regret hurting you and losing you as a friend. In his eyes, she can do nothing wrong and there is no chance of winning this battle, other than walking away from it. To me, you're not losing a friend, you've just better defined what a friend is not! Hang in there and remember we are your friends.



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