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Should I break up with him?

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I've been thinking about dumping my boyfriend since December because we fight all the time. He makes me suffer so much and he makes me cry a lot. He's still an immature kid but it totally drives me nuts that he's already 19 years old and he acts like a 13 yrs old kid and seriosuly I'm sure a 13 yr old kid could be more serious than what he is. He makes comments about stupid things that hurt me and really there's no need for him to make them & sometimes, he even treats me like a friend telling me other girls are hot. I find that unrespectful and I hate it and it hurts so much because it makes me feel like I'm not enough for him and I've talk to him about that since we started going out 8 months ago. I've been wanting to dump him since the 1st month but I love him and I can't. Even though he makes me suffer, he loves me and understands me and I love him. What keeps me together with him is that when we don't fight or argue, we're okay, it's just GREAT!!! and it's worth it.


In the last 8 months I've been with him, we totally hang out together and we became really jealous with each other that we lost our friends. Last year, I started going to a new school and well, I've met a lot of boys and I've been attracted to some but I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND and I have done nothing with any boy.

Then December came and everything changed. We faught all the time. We weren't okay. I started hanging out with some friends of my new school and now I found it kind of entretaining because I can think about everything and not only my boyfriend, I have my space.


The problem is that I found a groups of friends to hang out with, and I'm always happy around them and it's so cool that I don't even think about my boyfriend. Besides, I started hanging out with them when I had problems with my boyfriend. Now when I'm around my boyfriend, I am not that happy as when I am with my friends.

I'm confused because one boy likes me and I feel attracted to him but he's in my class and he's one year younger than me. The difference is that I could trust him 100% because he's a great guy and really mature. But I don't know what to do, I still feel I love my boyfriend. I know that if I break up with him I could start a new step in my life. I could be with my friends everytime I want and I could even start a new relationship, and that if I keep going out with my boyfriend, it would be the same feeling, the same monotmy, the same routine, the same fighting. But I'm afraid of breaking up with him and then regret it and make a bad choice. I do like the other boy, too. I found out today because one if his friends told me he wasn't going to date me because I had a boyfriend and I felt really sad because I do wnat to date him or give it a try.


I'm just afarid of taking the bad choice. Sometimes I sure i odn't want to be with my boyfriend anymore, that's enough. But Sometimes i just think that there's no better thing right now than being with him. I've been so confused, feeling really horrible lately. Not knowing what to do. Wanting to cry.


Any similar situation??? HELP ME PLEASE. What should I do?

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Decide whether he makes you more happy or more unhappy. If he makes you more unhappy then break-up with him. If he makes you more happy then try to talk to him so that you can both fix the things that upset you.



This is the best advice your going to get from anyone. You see it ultimately comes down to a decision that YOU have to make in the end. If your not happy then why stay there with someone who hurts you and disrespects you all the time?


I think you know what you have to do but, are afraid of leaving him for some reason. When you love someone you never want to hurt them on purpose like he is doing.


Good luck and do what makes you happy.



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I read your post and thought, hey, that sounds very similar to a situation I went through with my now ex-boyfriend. A lot of his behaviour was driving me nuts so in desperation and fear I started comparing him to one of my male friends, then got attracted to him and very confused. In the end, my boyfriend broke up with me as he said I was too highly strung!


You do need to do what is best for you in this situation. Can you really cope with how your boyfriend is behaving long term, as it could seriously screw you up (it did me)? Sorry if that sounds a little preachy. I know you love him, it sounds to me like you have a head/heart thing going here, you know that his behaviour is not right in a lot of respects, but you love him. That was exactly the problem I had. However, now I have broken up with my boyfriend I miss his good qualities, crazy, huh?! This other guy sounds like he could well be better for you, but do you know him really well and do you know he would not act in the same way as your current boyfriend?


It's really difficult, I know, but you have to look at the long term picture and think, who would I be happiest with? I really hope this helps, take care

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Hi, I'm 20 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I love him so much but I have doubts about our relationship as well. I have been considering breaking up with him for awhile, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Since we have been together for so long i cant imagine my life without him. I also have feelings for another guy, but selfishly I worry that I will breakup with my boyfriend and then things wont work out with the other guy. It's a really difficult situation that we are both in! I might suggest to my boyfriend that we take a "break" for a little while and see how things go. Maybe this would be a good idea for you as well. I dont think that you should stay with him if he disrespects you and makes you unhappy. Trust me...I KNOW it is easier said than done...but in the end you will have made the right choice.

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