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Superbowl Sunday...

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Hey guys,


Just some quick advice: Been NC for around 2 weeks with my ex-g/f who dumped me last year. She might be at the same Superbowl party as me... any advice on how I should act around her?


Root for the opposite team then you have NO reason to get along.....plus it gives someone else to join my "Go Seahawks" yell


But seriously, I think the best thing to do is be polite but keep the talking with her to a minimum, and spend a lot more time having fun with everyone else. Act calm, confident and kind of aloof towards her.

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They're ALL our mutual friends...



That's okay, does not mean you need to hang around her very much. There will be plenty of other people you can spend time with her.


When you see her say:


"Hi ex, the Seahawks are going to STOMP the Steelers"

"Hi enolaton, you are so wrong"

"We'll see, ex. Anyway, gotta go talk to "charlie" as we have a wager".


Then you walk off grab a beer and some nachos and sit near someone else instead.

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You're there to have a good time with your friends, so talk to them. Don't make eye contact, don't say hi. If she comes up to you, be casual and normal. If she asks why you've been out of touch, give her soft excuses, like "busy with school/work" and as for your personal life say that everything is going to the best.


Cool out, talk to some other girls nowand at the party. It will help you out.

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Well... I was all set on taking public transportation to the superbowl party, when after 2 weeks of NC with my ex, telling her to NOT contact me, she texts me offering a ride to the party. She then proceeds to text me again, asking me to call her and let her know if I've accepted her offer. I figured it couldn't hurt to accept the ride and so I called her. We just had a short conversation, in which she tells me she would've called me, but she didn't want to disrespect my wishes of contacting me (HELLO!?!?! - YOU TEXT ME!!! - but I let it go and I didn't say anything) During the car ride the next day, we just played catch-up in what's going on in with our lives. She acted all cute with me on the way there. After getting to our mutual friends house, we split, and did not day a single word the rest of the night. I caught her looking at me from time to time, but that was it. She got up to leave, and we said our goodbyes and she left without even looking back.


I don't understand how she could do such a 180 from the car ride there. Why was she acting like that??? Why did she contact me even after I told her not to???

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She was just checkin to see if you were still around as the back up plan she'll never fall back on. Ok, so you leanred a lesson here that not to take anything she does or says seriously unless it's along the lines of "I'm thinking I made a mistake and want you back." Go back into NC and only respond if she wants to take you seriously.

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