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How it feels when was done in ur face and u were a kid!!

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In replying in Shadow's post on how I'm going with it. Ok, so I don't hate my mom, it's my mother after all, nor will I judge her, I never did, but that moment is still in my mind. It's been now a little more than 5 yrs, I was still 11 not even close to puberty when one time as my dad was at work, I come home from school and opened the door only to find mom with having a making out session and almost in the act of screwing him on the couch. Off course I didn't told on her, I always obey her, she told me not to, well eventually she felt bad enought and told my dad herself last yr. He's still having trouble, he used to workshipped her to the floor and think so high of her. Cuz see, at home, it was my mom who had the rules in the house and the strict, and dad was on the soft, kinda weak at the same time, but he never thought she would do this, nor did I. Used to have a greater communication with her, now it's reduce, it's been like that since that time. Well gotta go now people, I'll come back later on, prollie tomorrow. I'm never cheating when I have a g/f, seeing how dad's still affected, thought he did forgave her, he still hasn't recover completely from it.

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