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The End


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The End


The darkness still has work

To do, whilst the last traces

Of gentleness and hope remain.


Mirrors reflect a youthfulness

Deceived, dissembling the

Withered crookedness beneath.


Fretfully stumbling around,

Not designed for this world -

Corroded by old age of the soul.


Compassion and love are long

Lost friends - a heart left

Abandoned by their ineffect.


My palms despise the frame

From which they're borne,

Battering it with despair.


Once they used to flow with

Beauty and tenderness, now

Bitterness and regret.


A life already shortened by

The broken heart it was

Assigned - I seek to


Shorten it more still,

Misery is my keeper,

Depression my ill.


Jealously watching torments

That come daily, reminding

What once I might have known;


An empty hatred is all that

My corrupted spirit can manage

To entertain.


A moment's weakness, fear

Mistaken for anger, can

Undo a lifetime's work.


Images of the beloved

Defiled and destituted

By older filth.


Choices have always been

What changes the world,

Do I choose to wait


For the end, or do I find

It myself? Why do I feel

That I'm the one who must


Suffer the short lingering

Years, in loneliness and pain?

Why will I be alone when I die?


Death is but a release from

This mortal hell - where hearts

Once pure, are ruined habitual.


Is it too late, to choose the

Gentleness, and tenderness

Again, before my end?


I want to escape from this jail,

Before time slips by irretrievable,

But who will be my friend?

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I'm your friend volution.


Words don't do justice to your work. So I'm just going to do this:


=D> =D>


Edit: I wanted to do a row of clapping smily faces, but for some reason its not showing up. So just imagine that I, and all of the smily faces are giving you a standing ovation.

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Sometimes it is a jail, because no matter how much you fight to escape or see things differently, something happens that keeps you locked in. But I live in the same city that used to hold the ultimate prison in Alcatraz. And people managed to escape from that. So no jail or prison is insurmountable. If you are smart enough, patient enough, and brave enough... you can break free.

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True Caldus. Just look at history and find all kinds of examples of things that were thought to be impossible but eventually happened, or people who struggled against the odds but survived and prospered. At one point the thought of travelling around the world wasn't possible. Hey, the world was even considered flat. At one point going into space was just a dream. Impossible things are becoming possible everyday.


"Unsinkable ships sink

Unbreakable walls break

Sometimes the things you think could never happen

Happens just like that

Unbendable steel bends

If the fury of the wind is unstoppable

I've learned to never underestimate

The impossible"


Joe Nichols, "The Impossible"

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Thanks Shy...


...sometimes I find that poetry helps get some of the depression and gloom out of my soul, and away... away hopefully forever...


It's tough when you've been in depression for over 10 years... But I am determined once and for all to fight against this demon, this demon that affects many of us... To take it head on, by the horns and discard it from my life...


I believe only love can heal fear, hope heal worry, trust heal doubt...

The End of this depression, is coming... Only love, hope and trust can replace it...

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