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Losing interest in one another????

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me and you current GF have been dating about a year and 6 months, and have done "pretty much everything"....SHe has had some major lifestyle changes including getting kicked out of her house by her mother and having to move in with her (step)-grandmother and on top of all that not having a car. This has caused us both a good deal of stress, so the thing is we seem to have become less interested or attracted in one another. We really don't show as much affection as we used to and certainly don't make love as much as we used to....


I have chalked it up recently to the fact that I am probably just used to her and that is why this is happening.


Just not sure how to make the relationship exiting anymore...

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OOhhh sounds like complacency....a tricky one. Unfortunately this seems to happen at some point in lots of reltionships and youve got to be careful how you handle it or you will easily cause a lot of hurt to each other. Ie dont be tempted to cheat! Simple one but perhaps just some time apart, doing your own thing - not as in a break but just making more time for other interests so you look forward to seeing each other again and having new stuff to talk about?

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the question that i pose to you is are you being supportive to her while she is going through all of these changes. i just recently went through alot of changes in myself and in my life. i quit my job without having another job lined up, and worked so hard to get my career that i have now. i still have bills that are piled up from this and it keeps getting higher and higher. and the entire time i haven't received any support from my bf. even when i told him about my new career all he said was "finally". so the reason i ask you this is that change is very scary to anyone. there's alot of uncertainty and maybe all it will take is for you to be there for her and showing her that you support her and that she'll get through all of it. it might make the difference of the world for both of you.

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I have been as supportive as I could in the situation and no matter what I did she still seemed to get upset. Now we are at a point were sex is a rarity, and even when we have a chance, like now when Im watching my aunts house while she out of town (shes cool with it) we still don't do anything.


She just doesn't act the same way or anything, plus on top of that there are a few girls at school who like to flirt with me but I am staying at a friend level with them, I do care about my GF after all... Its just strange that she doesn't act like she used to...

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