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Thought I'd share a moment in my life that was more fantastic than I'd ever imagine. Try to figure out the figuretive meaning of this poem.



Oh, it was the day the sun rose above the sky

never have I seen such a sight.

It came from nowhere all of a sudden,

constantly shining its bright rays upon me.

Never have I realized such a sight existed

with all those dark clouded, stormy days that have passed.

It was too cold and gloomy to survive,

but somehow I lay my pearls upon this new sun above sky.

Thank you, you beautiful angel from above,

for bringing me this wonderful gift of life.

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Could be referring to a lot of different circumstances. But I love the general meaning, of having renewed hope. Coming out of the darkness and seeing light once again. Something like a sunrise is a powerful experience, both an actual sunrise and metaphorical for something or someone giving you hope again.

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