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Could he have an interest in me again?

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Brief recap. My ex broke up with me"officially" Aug. 04. But we still "hung" out till Feb. 05. We stopped all contact after that. I contacted him in May, but he was real short with me, didn't have anything really to say, asked nothing of me. Basically showed ZERO interest in me.I figured I really needed to let go, so I did. Moved on, have had boyfriends since then.


Randomly last week my friend calls to chit chat (she dates my ex's roommate). She brought up that my ex had asked about me and what "my deal was." Asking why I don't say hi to him or even look at him. (he works next to my building so I "see" him on a daily basis).


Anywho, yesterday he waved at me. Today I caught him looking at me AND he stopped me in the parking lot to talk. We talked for about 10 mins or so. Now the only reason I'm making a semi-big deal out of this is because for an entire year, I have NOT existed to him. Why all of a suddend does he "care"?


He and I broke up on good terms: he needed to be alone and figure life out for himself. needed his ducks in a row. So i cant help but wonder, if he feels like he's ready for a relationship now? Are these baby steps to start a "relationship" again? Is this a way for him to feel me out to see if he even has a chance? He hasn't dated or even had a girlfriend since we broke up, which is why I believe he's stuck to his word. Or could it be that he doesn't want to feel like I hate him, since we kinda left in Feb of last year on yucky terms, as he started to avoid me altogether. but does a guy really care if his ex hates him or not????


what should I be thinking????????

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I don't want to ask him cause I don't want to scare him away. I want to do it right this time around. I want him to feel comfortable around me with ZERO pressure. (the last time we were together, I put a lot of pressure on "us".) So I really really really want to do this right. I'm a different person from when we were together, and I want him to see that. I feel if I ask him what his intentions are, I'll be putting pressure on him. I kinda just want to go with the flow.


You don't think these are baby steps back into my life? Or could he really just be trying to be a nice guy? I don't buy it though....why all the NICENESS all of a sudden?


Plus...his roommate at one point last year...when my ex and I werent on talking terms anymore, told me that he is not friends with any of his exgirlfriends and doesn't talk to or hang out with any of them. so I think to that and wonder, well why is he so interested in talking to me? and interested in why I don't "look" at him??

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