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Hey all,


Its heading on 3 months now since i broke up with my gf. Its been hard, and ive had different levels of emotions throughout it all.


I was getting alot better, but it seems it hit a road block and i cant stop thinking about it.


She told me today that she was going to study abroad in the UK in September. Now i know she met alot of guys online that live in the UK and im sure shes going there because of them, and it cant stop thinking about it.


I know its stupid, but its making me sad.



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Hello, I saw some background info and it seems this girl was very abusive towards you, I wouldn't doubt she told you about the UK thing only to mess you up.


What came to my mind when I first saw your post is that this person is a user, she makes friends with UK people beforehand to get help when she's there, makes me wonder if she's with people only for as long as she can take things from them.


You shouldn't stay in touch with a person who is not giving you but pain back, but I know letting go of a person, even if such person is not nice, can be very difficult, still you can't let anything get in the way, leave her in the past, you deserve better.

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