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Low Self-Esteem Issues

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Hey everyone! Well my self-esteem is pretty low right now. My ex broke up with me about four months ago and how I feel about myself hit rock bottom! Right now I am trying to become a part of an organization, but I must speak to the members in order for them to consider me for membership. I start to get really shy and self conscious when I have to speak to them, I get nervous and sometimes start to stutter. Does this have to do with my self-esteem? How can I overcome this feeling? Thank you.

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I'm shy with men at bars and clubs. Put me in a room with a NASA engineer and I am all good. Its just a matter of focus. Focus on calming your nervous responses and concentrate on being your self. Try to think up a list of little habits you might do when your shy, and spend time in situation forcebly correcting yourself. My habit was picking at the seam on the leg of my pants, long meetings meant frayed edges. No these things only fix the temporary, the self-esteem needs to come a building of your own self worth. Try writing down 25 things you like about yourself. I used lots of color and exclamation pt!!! Put that list somewhere that you will see it everyday, and make sure you read it to. It will be a little reminder of the the things that are good about you. Oh, you don't have to stop at 25 either, keep adding things everyday. Make yourself smile by getting to know you.

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Hmm tough one.


I know that i suffered on low self esteem, I had problems with groups, not sure this is the same topic, but i got shy with people also.


I started to just talk to anyone, I would talk to complete strangers, I would ask people at the bus stop for the time and when the bus was coming.


Sometimes I would talk as if a camera was lookin at me, and I was watching myself, I wanted to like how I sounded if that makes sense.


So after I talk to someone, I liked sounding interesting and stuff.


All these little things build up to your main goal.


I think one thing I can say, that when you have to talk to all those people, heres a little mind trick that might help you.


If you have to stand up to talk to these people, you are higher than them, you stand above them, they are lower, use that as power to make you feel strong and better.


look down on them if you like, your the one in control when you speak, I know that when I speak in front of groups, and people I try to think im the one in power, because people are listening to me.


Its just trying to pull strengths out of a situation in any way you can, and these points have pulled through for me.


Good luck

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