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Is he interested or not,.,.,,

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i meet someone and i always have the same issues when it comes to calling them well this guy i meet keeps telling me to call him and i do and he returns my call either the same day or the next day but i feel as though he is giving me the responsibility to do all the work and the last time we seen each other i know he and i enjoyed eachother's company and i did a good impression ,i was confident and just being myself, he walked me half way home and then told me to call him, i told him ''he can too'' and left it like that i am interested in him but i have no clueee if he feels that way to there wasn't any flirting vice versa, he did complaint me but just plain and simple saying that i have a good heart, and that i was funny just litle stuff like that,

but i don't know waht to do if i should call him or is he being a lazy

''fu ke ir''(if you know what i mean..lol)

I also know that like a year ago he finished a 6 yr relationship , i had mention to him ''wow,so ur probaly still in the healing process'' but he said no that he doesn't want his ex girlfriend back or anything to do with her ... so either he is being lazy or he is just taking it slow.. i don't know wat to do

i am going out with my friends this weekend and i wanted to invite him .....

i have a friend telling me notto bother and that he is just a loser...

but i am so confused than iam thinking about it too much...


i need a guys point of view...

i don't want to screw up but i don't want my chance to pass me bye

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Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the relationship. If you're unsure where he stands now, you'll never be sure. He's not lazy. His interest level simply isn't that high. If you're ok with that and a future of lack of initiative, then go for it. Otherwise, don't settle just to be with a guy.

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