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The "I Am Beautiful" Project


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Building Blocks Self-Esteem Tips and Practices for All Women


1. Tell yourself why you are beautiful (think hard and be honest). Write it down and keep it in a place where you will see it from time to time.


2. Find a picture of yourself you really like, or have some taken by a friend, and put it in a beautiful frame. Keep it on display where you and others can see it.


3. Put your scale away. Far away. Beauty is NOT measured in pounds.


4. Turn a critical eye to advertising and media images. Acknowledge that models and movie stars don't represent reality--that even they are "retouched" to look a certain way. Learn to be conscious of the number of times you are exposed to advertising messages that are designed to make you feel inferior so that you will buy the product advertised.


5. Choose a day to not criticize yourself. Then try it for a week. Then a month. Replace the negative messages with positive ones.


6. Respond to others thoughtfully when they criticize themselves. Don't let their negative remarks go unchallenged. Rather, tell them why their statements are untrue and self-defeating.


7. Be around people who are comfortable with who they are and what they look like.


8. Make a list of 5 physical features of yours that you like/appreciate and why. Then add to that 5 personality traits you like and why. Next list 5 things you are grateful for. Finally list 5 achievements that you are particularly proud of. Do this exercise from time to time.


9. Wear clothes that you like and feel good in. Get rid of clothing that you have been waiting to fit into.


10. Treat yourself to something special, like a new lipstick, earrings, stocking or a hair clip, that accentuates one of your favorite features. Treat your body to some pampering, like a massage, or a rejuvenating walk.


11. Be a good role model for children, young girls and friends. Realize that constant talk about calorie-counting, diet, exercise, gray hair and wrinkles is heard and learned.


12. Acknowledge your right to define beauty for yourself and celebrate the natural, inherent beauty in all women. It is your birthright!

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Anyone have some good books that have helped in self esteem? Something specific to RE-building self-esteem for a person that once had tons of it and no real reason to NOT have it now?


I like who I am, how I look and how I act and treat others. I am confident in my abilities and my work. When it comes to personal life, I can go out and meet people, once past the initial fear of it, but I always have fun and am always ME. So there's NOTHING that would tell you that I'm insecure... but I am. Especially when it comes to the right relationship... Anyone know of anything to address THAT?



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