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I Heard


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To The Girl Of My Dreams


I heard her say, I mean I heard her utter this frase

He is beauty itself

I made no false statement

I mean I meant to say

She made me love myself

In the triumph of this discovery

We agreed to live by one another

I for her and she for me

She is God's on time gift from the heavens seen

After I heard her say

I mean once she uttered this frase

I am in him and he is the perfection

As my reflection of the person in me

In every sense we are one

His voice is heard when his prescence is not seen

While I heard her say

I mean when I heard her utter this frase

Not a word unfelt

Not a single feeling misplaced

I gave love, I mean I knew love when I heard her say


J.C Copyright ©2006 J.C

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