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St. Valentine's day


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Ok, lemme see if I can get an answer for this one: What is it about? I mean, do you go up to some person (how well do you have to know them?) and go like "Will you be my valentine?" or do you ask them out on a date? What? I wanna know... I've never done anything that day. I don't even know when it's gonna be (ugh, hopefully next, week not this one...).

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I have never understood the point.. you can ask people out any day. Valentine's day is today just another way of making people buy stuff Actually I would ask a girl any day but Feb. 14th.. it's just so cheesy IMO. If you want to ask someone out on valentine's day, you ask her out to coffee like any other day. Don't make a big deal out of the valentine's day or you might send wrong signals (like you just want someone for that day etc....)

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