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My Journal


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My Journal

Her name is Ann

Journal entry # 10

Some strange feeling coming over me

In the pit of my gullet

Stomach notted, tongue tied

I can’t do it, why, I’m paralyzed

Too shy to walk, talk or do anything

Maybe I’ll gain the strength tomorrow

But not today, not today


Journal entry # 11


She smiled at me today, at least

I think it was me, not sure

I was the only one there it must be mine

Anyway her smile is like…

Is like a rare flower in bloom

Why can’t I tell her that?

Why not, why not


Journal entry # 14


Wow, she touched my hand today

Or more like brushed my hand

Maybe it was by accidental

What if it was intentional

No way could it really have been

Whatever, I’ll never wash it again

Wash it again, wash it again


Journal entry # 17


Tumbled into her today by accident

How stupid, it was all my fault

But she was cool with it

She even helped me pick up my books

She spoke to me “we have math together”

Followed by “I’m Ann”

I’m Ann, I’m Ann


Journal entry # 25


Don’t believe I did that today

Where did I find the courage

I asked her to a movie

And she said yes but I should know

She has a boyfriend, however

With me she’ll go

She’ll go, she’ll go

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Like it. And the important thing is that you you asked her. Even if she has a boyfriend and it isn't going to lead to something more then friendship, you were able to overcome the fear and ask her out. Remember, you can do this so next time, try not to be as nervous.

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