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Like the same guy as my friend...AHHH


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Hi, ok so there is this guy who I just met this year because he's a freshman and I'm a sophomore. Anyway, my friend became friends with him because he was having a hard time adjusting to college and they had a class together. She started to invite him over to show him that our school isn't so bad, since the first time I met him I felt a connection and it seemed like he felt something for me, I liked him immediately. Anyway, I am at a point in my life where I am ready to be forward with the guys I like instead of just sitting back and waiting, but the problem is that my friend likes this same guy...well sort of.


When we got back from winter break I decided I would tell my friend that I like him since she knows him the best, literally that same day that I decided I needed to tell her she says "hey, I found out that he has a crush on me and I think I like him too." Well needless to say I was kinda sad. Since then she keeps saying she only liked him because he liked her and that she doesn't really like him she doesn't think. Basically she is undecided and she doesn't think that he even likes her anymore, and she was not really sure that he did like her in the first place.


Anyway, I am sure that they are not going anywhere. So my question is, what the heck do I do? I want to tell him that I like him and I also know I need to tell her...what would you do in this situation, just sit back and forget about it? I really don't think I can forget about it, this is the first guy I have liked A LOT since I had a breakup with a serious boyfriend. I mean I see us being college sweehearts and going to bball games together and stuff (lame I know but I can't help it). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I'd say, first go up to him and talk about it, and then whatever his answer is, talk to your friend later about. If its a yes he likes you too and wants to go out with you, then tell your friend that you couldn't help your feelings, and you seriously thought he was the one or something like that, and if its a no i only see you as a friend, then go tell your friend about it, shell comfort you in ur sadness if shes a good friend

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