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How to approach her?


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Hi, everyone. I'm a long time reader, second time writer I suppose you could say. I didn't know exactly which section of the forums to post this at but I think this section is the most closely related.


Anyway, I have developed a real strong crush on a girl (not gonna mention names) I met in my chemistry class at a local community college. I sit at the same table she does in a group of 4 during the lab. hours. Her, I, and the others at the table get a long pretty well, we joke around, and just try to make things fun during lab. However, like I said before, I really like this girl. She's always smiling, is very nice, likes to laugh, and the list goes on and on.


The problem is that I want to get to know her better, as friends or as g/f & b/f (preferably I just can't find the right time to do it, though. We have class on Monday, Wed., and Friday and labs on Mon. and Wed. The labs usually last 3 hours but we're usually too busy and with the other 2 at the table, its hard to talk to her one on one. I've tried leaving at the same time as she does but I always screw up and don't catch her on time. Luckly, I've found her at link removed and thought I should contact her by saying something subtle like "What the...? You have a myspace website too? I guess its true that everyone really has one." or something like that. I don't wanna make it look like I'm stalking her 'cause I'm not... but I feel like I'm gonna go insanely depressed from loneliness and do all sorts of crazy l things like stalking.


Please help me out! I just need to think of a way to stay in contact with her and hope that it builds into a more serious relationship above friends.

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I was planning on doing it online through a pm and I'm a little too shy to say that to her in class, so I might not be able to do it. However, I suppose asking her in real life would increase my chances of her accepting my invitation to a friendship on myspace, though I doubt she'd reject it anyway.


Thanks for replying atraceofblood! 55 views and only 1 reply? Does everyone agree with atraceofblood or do you guys have anything else to add or change?

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You'll have a much greater chance of presenting yourself as confident if you speak to her in person. You don't have to ask her out right away, but I agree that you should mention the myspace account to her verbally.


However, the fact that you searched on there for her is a tell-tale giveaway that you are interested in her. You don't just "run accross" someones myspace, unless she posted in a forum or something.

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