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"And so was I ..."


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And so was I ...


Once upon a summer,

I met him.

The sky above was heavenly blue,

The clouds were dancing happily,

And so was I...


Suddenly summer said good-bye,

And so did he.


Then the autumn came,

With its sorrowed days.

The sky was black and angry,

And so was I...


But rain began to fall,

And washed all memories away.


It was the first winter day

When the sky faded to grey.

The smile of the moon was frozen,

And so was I ...


A song of cold snow,

Made my soul tremble.


When spring started,

A ray of hope occurred in my life.

The nature was lively again,

And so was I...


And in my dreams,

It was summer again.

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Beautiful. Great analogy and something most of us can relate to. I too have experienced the thrill of that summer feeling, only to end up in the cold of winter. But you are right, that summer feeling comes again, there is always hope and a chance to start fresh. Hope I see that summer feeling again.

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