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Who likes it rough?.... couldn't pass up the title


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My current gf is the first gf I have had with how can I say "different" tastes in bed, she likes to have her hair pulled hard, back scratched to the point it is almost bleeding etc. while I am up for most anything I don't want to hurt her, I figure she'd tell me if I did, but damn...

Do many girls like this kind of thing, none of my other exes asked for this type of thing, not to this extreem at least. light biting scratching is one thing.

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I dated a girl like that. I got burned out on it. It became an awful lot of work to try and be so hard on her without actually hurting her. Frankly, after a while, I started to detect that she had some serious emotional issues and I took that cue to exit stage right. While a bit of spice is nice... every single time is tough.

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I'm not one to pick because I'm still technically a virgin, but I have to say I like it in general pretty much. Rough is hot, and gets you nice and burned with passion, but slow is a lot more romantic and sweet. I feel like a dweeb, I'm still a virgin but I'm sharing all this.



Shut up Cloud! Shut up!@@



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Depending on our surrounding and what she is in the mood for, i like a challenge. 15mins or 2hr, makes no difference to me. Just hold on tight and keep all hands inside safety zones until this roller coaster comes to a complete stop. Its going to be a bumpy ride!

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Cloud - Don't be embarrassed. You'd be surprised at how much a virgin knows. Some of us virgins understand what to do more then the "experienced" guys. Just born naturals.


Personally, I think that gentle and romantic is infinitely better then rough. Rough is difficult because of the possibilty of hurting her. And I don't think thats something anyone wants to do. Also, someone who likes it too rough, may just have issues deep down that they need to work out.


But like cloud said, in generally, it feels pretty good.

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