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After 3 years of hard work I notice the reality: Dating and Shy people don't go together!


I know there are a lot of people in the shy situation ( I've been like that too ).

But one again the 2 concepts don't go together.


You want to know why?

If you are shy you wait, and while you are waiting some one comes and takes the girl. And I don't think that is your idea about Dating.


The first thing to do is not to think about being shy.

Ask yourself: How can I have power when I Date a women?


One more thing, until some one reply: you don't want to be shy … You want to Date!!!

So start Dating!

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yeah its quite obvious they dont go together..or else i'd be with someone right now lol....


one thing for those who are shy...i tend to talk low and people have often told me that i have a soft "relaxed" voice.....but thats how i get when im around new people...so try to force yourself to talk louder. its been helping me.

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