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Dear Anyone,


Merely wanting some advise on the following;


There's me. A 25-year old. I work at an IT company in The Netherlands and have recently succumbed to loving the bits out of a colleague of mine and being me, I confronted her about this, let's say, 2 months ago. After an initial moment of "oh... really?" from her side, she made quick to confess she shared some, if not all, similar feelings for me.


Here's the skinny: Only last year she bought a house together with her current man and is experiencing rought times with him, pre-me, even. Now that we have been seeing eachother for a month or so, doing what pubescant in-love kids do, she has confronted him about me only last week.


She has, now, decided she needs some time to clear her mind and see what's next... and then let me know she's deciding everything (as far as humanly possible in such a situation) this coming weekend. Today, however, I was told she's not going to be "able" to see me for a week, however.


My question is, as this is months-longs endeavour is stretching my emotional threshold, how long can she, or I, keep this up? Is it not time I protect myself and break everything off (do not get me wrong on this... she's damn perfect.) but everyone with some experience in life will agree that we all have our self-protectional-mode limits...


Going slightly mad here,


Any help, well respected,




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I believe that you need to decide how you want to handle this situation. You know the situation you are in and you have to ask yourself what are you willing to risk. That is something that you have to answer for yourself. You are obviously interested in this girl and want it to progress so I just say that you play it by ear at this point and see what happens. She is the one that is gonna have to make the choice.

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... she's damn perfect.


No, she is cheating on her BF with you, that makes her far from perfect. You need to break things off until she is no longer with him. This is a very unhealthy way to start a relationship and believe me Karma will come out of no where and balance things back out! How would you feel if you were her BF because someday you may be in his shoes. If she cheated on him, what makes you an exemption?



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