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Phone numbers and when to call?


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Ok, I need some help with this...


I go out to the bars/lounges and meet somone new... have a great conversation all night... she gives me her phone number and I give her mine...


When should I call her? (morning, afternoon, or evening)


The reason I'm asking cuz... The past 3 months I've got 4 phone numbers and no call back. I usually wait at least 2 days to call. I always get their voicemails. I usually leave a nice and polite voicemail, "Hi, This is so-so. I met you Saturday night. How are things going? Well, give me a ring, 555-1212. Alright, bye."


Am I doing something wrong here?



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I agree, you should call the next day or they'll think you're not interested.

God no. I have to say that from experience that is the worst advice I had ever been given. If you call the next day, or two days, you are PREDICTABLY calling right away like every other desperate, single, lonely guy. Women can smell desperation a mile away. And don't leave a message. Either she picks up or she doesn't. If she does pick up, she is expecting you to call and wants to talk to you! If she avoids you ... you didn't make a good enough impression on her.


You should read this article:


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Here's a tip - if a woman is really into you and you call a week later, she'll STILL be interested in you. If you call two days later and she says "Who is this???" then you know she didn't mean anything by it.

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