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Buried deep in heavy forest

Is a small old pond


Rippling is the water

of my sould that has a bond


From season to passing season

From fight to passing fight


The leafs they are a falling

Falling fast tonight


These leaves they cause a ripple putting tremors the sea

A sea that is much more then just a little pond to me


Now the pond is going dry, going drier by the day

When girls go a meddlin throwin rocks my way


See these rocks they don't go ripplin in what was once a mighty sea

These rocks they go a splashin in the water that is me


Now the sea has gone dry these days, my soul gone with the pain

Left within myself to cry and scream in shame


But the storm is coming soon my friends, its coming with the storm

The storm that brings the pouring rain and takes away the scorn.

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Ouch.... that does hurt. Has to be tearing you apart. How about the first girl you've ever been serious apart finally saying she loves you, only to break up with you, turn right to another guy, and end up engaged a couple weeks later? That's devastating.


If its any consolation, any girl who would do that has issues and you are better off without her. You deserve someone better then that. I know it doesn't feel like that now, that you must feel lost and confused. But its true. Her doing that probably had nothing to do with you or how she feels about you. Either she is confused and has issues to work through, or it was a way of trying to forget about how she hurt you, figuring if she moved on quickly that she wouldn't have to think about what happened. Don't know the details, so can't say for sure. But I do know that you don't deserve that and will find someone better who wouldn't hurt you like that.


If you ever want to talk, feel free to write me. I'm here and I'll give any help I can.

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