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Embarrassing or what???

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Ok....I can top that! My boyfriend and I (back when I was 18) had done the deed when my parents werent home. Well we thought we had "cleaned up." However, we would soon find out that we didnt do such a great job. You see, my family had a pet ferret who enjoyed digging through the trash, finding treasures, and burying them in interesting places. In this case "Hershey's buried treasure" happened to be a used condom thrown away and hidden deep in the trash. Three days later my mom was changing bed sheets. My Dad walked in during his lunch break and found the condom in a wad in the bottom of my 10 year old-sister's bed. It was horrifying....well, you can imagine the images that my Dad had going in his head. Finally, after ruling out the insane scenario of my little sister having a fling...he thought of a more reasonable accusation......He accused me and my college boyfriend of doing it in my baby sister's bed! Gross! I had a lot of trouble convincing my parents that I didnt do that! The real truth was that we had "done it" in my bed and the silly ferret had dug it out of the trash and planted it in my little sister's bed! HA!

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I wouldn't worry about that. Sure its embarrassing, but that is what people do. Some people are just too uptight about things. I don't think kissing is "illegal". Just don't get caught next time. I've noticed that when people are caught up in love, it will usually overpower the sense of logic in people, and they just are oblivious to what is happening around them. The parents will get over it, or they need help. I'm sure they probablly know you kiss anyway. Its not like you got her pregenat did you?


How do you think we are all here today? At some point, things all started with that first kiss, then...Well, you know where I'm going.

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You must have felt really embarrased driving home in the car with her afterwards!!


It is a case of they know it happens, but it is not something you want to see first hand, I mean I would be totally grossed out if I had to see my parents doing "it", but I know they do do it, otherwise I would not be here today!!

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Guess one thing that is key here is your age? Obviously it seems you're both around or under 16 since she had to drive you back home and that probably figures a lot into her reaction. Of course being they're very religious even if you both were 22 the reaction may have still been a bit harsh but nowhere near as bad as if you both were under 18 or worse, 14-16yrs old or so.

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hi, maybe you should really try and talk about it? How old are you by the way? You should tell his parents pretty much any lies for as long as you can just meet eachother. If they are decent, they'll at least talk to you.. then you can just be open and try to convince them that you know how to behave etc. because it totally sucks if you relationship is screwed by some parents. You seem very decent so really, I would talk to them. Call your bf first and talk with him.

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Wow, you're 18 and this is happening? Okay that is a bit much. I mean I can understand his mom being upset at catching you both frenching in her house but if his 18 (or 18 soon being his is 6 months younger than you) then he's pretty much and adult and should be able to make his own decision. Of course the fact you were under her roof (the mom) again adds someting to it but if this family is pretty religious then like I stated before you both could've been 22-23 and gotten the same response from her probably. Good luck dealing w/this situation b/c you'll need it.

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thanks... I don't understand why his parents are so controlling when he is 18 and able to make his own decisions. I really don't know why. I think they control his phone calls and I don't think they will let him come over to my house because they don't 'trust us'. I really don't know where this relationship is heading but thanks for wishing me luck, b/c I know I'll need it.

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