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i know this is going to sound really stupid but it's getting to be a problem, it's also why my last gf left me.


when i'm with my friends we mess around doing what most guys do just making jokes screwing around doing whatever and i usually do too but when i'm not with them i'm in my own little space and i never really say anything, but when i end up with a girl i really like and my friends are there i always shake them off (which is the opposite of my morals, go figure) but i'm just like that guy in my own space i don't say much but i say all the right things to her but she said she hated it when i tried to act mature around her and immature around everybody else but i tried to just be myself around her but i never could because i thought she'd get too i don't what the word is...embarrassed maybe? and when i was with her i changed and she hated that so any ideas on how i can stop doing this i've tried just being myself not trying to hard not trying enough any advice would be good thanks

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No one acts the same all the time. You shouldn't be expected to act like one of the boys with your girl, nor should you act like a mushy, oozing sap (that is a reference to me, not you BTW) when you're with the guys. I think everyone has multiple sides and is like that to some extent.

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