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Clueless ... Part 2


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kay so remember when DN asked me about him having a girlfriend? Well, it's not a girlfriend... it's a date. From what he told me the girl is forcing him to go out with her. He says that when he said "no." she starts to whine and then moan... then she starts grinding on him in public. He can't help but say "yes." I said he was thinking with his penis.

I asked him, why do you take me out?

"Because it's fun."

I said, "Really?"

"Yeah, especially when you scare the waiters and the service people. That's always a laugh."

He also said that I have a lot of facial expressions especially when it comes to food. ( okay, i LOVE food.)


But how am i to interprete this? Am i just over reacting? We're not boyfriend and girlfriend. But if this was a relationship i would be the one calling the shots! He always lets me make the calls.

I don't know. I like him. But it's rare when I get a chance to go out. Believe it or not he is my first date. From prom till now. The only place i went was a wedding from another friend. That was about it. But I don't see me or the other guy getting together at all. I told him about it... but you know he was just like "Shotgun Marriage!" It was funny, but was it all a joke and just that?

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