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Girls tell me what this means.


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Hey this is a lil text convo between me and this girl i work with and goes to my school... she broke up with her boyfriend a week ago and told me and i basicaly started talkin to her on the phone and asked her on a date the day after (tuesday) and we did go on that date and had a good time, but since that week i asked her out the night after that date and she said she was busy and then the sunday i asked her and she said her parents wernt going to let her out cuz she was caught drinking


Anyways ive been meaning to talk to her in person just really havnt had the time.. were either in class or at work and were occupied with the kids at our job


ANyways i text her after we both left work and said:


I noticed u left work pretty fast i was just wondering if everythign was alrite.. oh and when are we going to chill again?!?


her: (2 hours later) Lol i was in the gym with harrison(teacher from school ms.harrison) buti noticed i was like hauling * * * too lol i was just ready to lget out of there. I dont know what to do me and eric might get back together so my head is all over the place again


me i was goin to talk to u after work but u went dukes of hazard on me and left when i turned my head. but yo its cool dont let it bother u just make ur mind up over time its not like theres a rush and bro if anything we could just chill as friends i think u look good but there is alot of girls like that, doesnt really mean much, u know what i mean? i think ur cool to chill with and unlike most girls u have a sense of humor and can make me laugh.


her same for you i had alot of fun that one night. i guess cuz im sstuck with ur * * * everyday ive felt like weve gotten closer. im glad we can chill and be friends.


I texted her back sumtthing i jsut dont remember waht wasnt to important.. I dont know what to do.. i know she flirts with me in class.. everyone says we flirt alot in class.. its just i guess shes gotten back with ehr boyfriend..


Anys sudgestions?

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Sounds like she's just not into you in that bf/gf way, and maybe she doesn't know how (or doesn't want) to reject you outright. If she keeps making excuses for not getting with you, it's because she's probably not interested.


Also, in your comments, I notice you're making assumptions, mostly TELLING her you two can hang out together. You're not ASKING her if that's what she wants to do. You're not giving her much space to cast her vote in the situation. That can also make it difficult for her to state her non-interest, especially if she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

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Re-reading... noticed something else...

i think u look good but there is alot of girls like that, doesnt really mean much, u know what i mean?

In this statement you're saying you chose her only because she looks good, but you're also saying in the very same sentence that's she's just another one in the crowd... that you can easily go back to the "herd" and pick another pretty face, (or a hot bod). I'm not really stuck on myself, but if I dated a guy who felt that way about me, I also wouldn't go out with him a second time.

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uh yeah, you made a lot of mistakes, you shouldn't ask a girl out for the following night after a date, and then keep asking her like you did and then text message her, give her some space, give it some time. i think, though, you might want to just give up on this one as a lost cause.

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Well i said that there are other pretty girls to let her know that im not picking her because of her looks.. because she can make me laugh and i have fun w/ her. I said i think u look good, but then again there are other girls that look good and not just you, so it doesnt mean much to me.. I said she can make me laugh to let her know there are other things to her that makes me like her..


Im just really confused that when i asked her when were going to hang out again she said she might get back together with her bf.. and shes really confused on what to do.. Then when i said she looked good and can make me laugh and i have a good time hanging out with her, she said you too, and she had alot of fun on our date.. she also said we see each other everyday that she feels weve gotten closer and she is glad to be able to chill and be friends..

I know the girl is interested in me physicaly, its common sense.. im not dumb.. when we talk we look deep into each others eyes the whole conversation and in class she wil do certain things just to look at me or my way or she will eves drop into my conversation or just say she hates me because i get to go to out of school for a teacher to get mcdonalds.. and she will joke about me makin smart remarks, even in class the teacher will tell us to stop flirting unconditionaly or w/e and il just say she started it or joke around.. just alot of stuff..

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Well i said that there are other pretty girls to let her know that im not picking her because of her looks.. because she can make me laugh and i have fun w/ her. I said i think u look good, but then again there are other girls that look good and not just you, so it doesnt mean much to me.. I said she can make me laugh to let her know there are other things to her that makes me like her..

Okay, I think I see your point better now. I guess it's different when the person knows the sentiment behind the words. When I first read that it seemed you were saying she wasn't anything special, that there were plenty more to choose from. But yeah, I see it differently now that you explained it more.


So, it seems that she's sending mixed signals? Do you think she might be playing games with your feelings? Whenever I've told a guy I'm going back to a former boyfriend, it was because I wanted him to give up on the idea that there could ever be anything between us. If she's telling you that and also looking deeply in your eyes, flirting with you, yeah, that's confusing.


I've also had a few guys do that kind of thing... express an unmistakable interest, look deeply and meaningfully into my eyes, flirt. They even told me they'd like to spend time with me, get to know me better, that they were looking for a meaningful relationship with a sincere woman. Then when I reciprocated the interest, they seemed confused, told me I misunderstood, that they weren't interested in that way. Then when I accepted that I misunderstood, they started the whole thing again. I never hang around long with people who send me those kinds of mixed signals. I hope she's not doing that to you.

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Hey, me and this girl saw each other satuday for a brief minute to meet up so she could give me her bracelet thing to get in the carnaval or w/e.. and monday i asked her to go to steak n shake with me for a shake and she went and during then we talked for about 15-20 mins and ate our shake, she asked me if i wanted to try her shake and i just said no.. tuesday my teacher assistant period i was in her class like usual and her friends blurted out something like anthony is a better ta than chris so fire chris(the other ta) and then they blurted out that anthony is krystles man and she shook her head and then they talked and her friends kept staring at me it was rreal awkward. today i asked her to go to steak n shake again but this time she should pay in a text kidding around at first she said Im full! how bout il pick up your tab tomorrow, cuz its my last day of working for the week(shes off friday and i have to work the whole day) but only tomorrow, this offer doesnt come around often lol so take it or leave it. i replied no and i wanted a shake today (kidding aorund) and i said what if for some odd reasoni wasnt in the mood for a shake 2morrow n some other stuff kiding around she said in a reply Anthony stop ur * * * * *ing i took a nap. but tomorrow will make my last day faster!

then i didnt reply for a period and she sent a text saying 'So tomorrow right' and i reply Tomorrow ur going to have a shake by ur self? sounds like it! then she replied you jerk fine il see you there today. Gosh! !


i just replied '' All those texts included more information i just put in the more important stuff to make it short.. we went to steak n shake again today and once again she asked if i wanted to try her shake so i said yes this time so i got my spoon and got some of her shake.. she also said that she forgot about her boyfriend today and she didnt text him at all.. n we just laughed n talked for 20 mins


I dunno we also flirted at the end of work a lil too.. things were just differnt but she has a boyfriend she got back with last week becuz he kissed a girl at a party but i think there is still tension there..


I dont know what to do?? ask her to steak n shake tomorrow again? or ask if she wants to do something on the weekend? i dont want to make it to awkward I need sudgestions lol she also paid for our shakes today lol

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Does the fact that she has a boyfriend have any bearing on your decision? It seems like she could be using you to make her boyfriend jealous. Or she could be using you as someone to fill her time (a little entertainment) when he's not available. Does any of that matter to you if you're being used that way as an "alternate" or a "fill-in"?

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Well when we went on a date she had broken up with him.. and she told me that.. thats the only reason i asked her out.. The guy kissed another girl, thats why they broke up.. And thats the only reason i asked her out that night because 1. she had told me she was single and she knewi was too.. and 2. to get over my ex (helped alot)


I really dont think she hangs out with her bf that much because she hangs out with her friends alot too.. I mean i dont really think i would be being 'used' and i know its wrong to pursue a girl who is taken.. but the only reason is because we went out while she was single and i enjoyed the night.. oh well i asked her to chill this weekend on saturday afternoon she said she doesnt know sunday might be better and to just keep in touch.. so il see what happens.. Thanks for input!

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