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I LOVE THAT IN PEOPLE!!! And this site is great!!!

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I’m just posting into this forum to say, that I never knew there were some many beautiful people in this world that are so happy to give a helping hand to people who are in need…it's so amazing..


I’m 22 now but when I was younger when I was in my teens I was a second away from killing myself when my friend rang me on my phone and ask if I wanted to go out for some drinks… she saved my life and I’m forever grateful. But the reason those years ago I wanted to kill my self was because I thought that there were no people in this world that had a heart, that cared about people on a deeper level..you know someone that will go out of their way to help, even if they didn’t know a thing about them.


I LOVE THAT IN PEOPLE!!! And this site is great!!! That’s all I have to say…. thanks to all those people that take the time to care for all these people that pour their heart out…it's a real gift to have a heart like you all do..: )

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miss_girly, I feel the same way. When I discovered the site I felt like there were no good people left in the world. Thoughts of killing myself had entered my head. But the warmth that this site showed me made me believe in people again.


Thank you miss_girly for sharing that.


And thank you to the people of enotalone, the regular members who post here day after day not seeking anything in return. You all make this not just a website, but a family.

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