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Ok, I've lost some weight, and even though I still don't feel or look the way I'd like to look (haven't reached my target), I feel really good. The thing is, I dunno if I've also lost some muscle mass. I mean, I've been at it since like september 05, then stuck to it seriously and in like december I straggled a little bit, but I successfully maintained my weight, though. But since back then I haven't really worked out (I used to run, but I didn't lift, though). I've done some pushups here and there (sometimed I'd do 50+ every other day for 3 weeks, but then I'd stop, just to start over again). And well, before I lost the weight I certainly couldn't do 30 pushups in one set, but now I can (I dunno if it's just b/c I'm lighter, or if I've conserved or even gained strength). And I tried lifting a couple of days ago, and I still could do the same amount of weight. But the thing is that my arms look so much... skinier, I thought maybe I lost muscular mass, or maybe I just lost a lot of fat... I dunno. I've lost well over 40 lbs, and I'm looking to lose about 15 more to reach a healthy weight... So, I guess all I'm asking is that since I wanna keep going with my diet, isn't there like a way to get stronger and maybe look a little more built (not necesarily big, just... I dunno, not all skinny. I dunno, I'm not THAT skinny, by nature, but I would very much like to look a little bit more built) while doing the running and the diet?


Btw, I didn't get the diet off of a book, and I certainly didn't make it up. It was my doctor, and I think he knows what he's doing, cause it's worked for me...

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Muscle mass obtained from weight lifting exercise needs to be maintained if you want to keep the look. Depending on your body type you may have lost fat from your arms faster than your tummy. And your body could have had stored more fat in that area. I've lost 45lbs and my legs looked scrawy to begin with but the rest caught up. It maybe you lost muscle mass but the only real way to tell is to have done a calipers measure of your body pre and post weight lose. With that tool a doctor actually measures the thickness of the fat by pulling it away from the muscle tissues. Also muscle tissue is denser than fat so your arms bulk when made of fat is misleading, it really doesn't add to your strength it just gives the illusion of size.

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