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Where did you meet your current partner?

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I met my Fiancee (fluffy_girdlebuns) through her daughter (pizzachick13)on enotalone!


She knew her daughter was talking to me on a daily basis and wanted to know more about me because I'm a lot older. Plus she'd noticed her daughter seemed a lot happier (she was a 'cutter' but is doing great now!)


I didn't have a webcam so I sent photographs and once my fiancee saw them she was 'hooked'!


I've never been so happy!



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Over the course of 13 months (off and on), I met 12 men, some guys from eHarmony, some from link removed. I found that overall, the guys on eHarmony were more compatible with me, rather than the guys on link removed, who were mostly random guys that liked my photo. I never went on more than 2 dates with any one of those guys. Until I got to #12

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While attending Polytech (when I was about 17) one of my classmates kept bugging me to come back & meet one of his roomates. I was at the time pretty keen on someone else but in the end I relented. Turned up & he jammed $20 in my pocket & pushed me back out with her (my future wife & soon to be possible ex-wife) & another roomate. We saw the flick & then stayed up all night chatting. I've hardly left her side in 11 years (apart from the last 3 weeks that is)

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Well he's not my partner. I never even went out with him. But I met the most amazing guy on a train once. I was coming home from downtown, and I noticed a really cute guy pass me while I was waiting for the train. We sat together. Best conversation I've ever had with a guy in my life. The whole hour he seemed to be hinting that he was interested (ok, basically spelled it out for me), but I was so engrossed in him, I didn't realize when my stop came and I had to run off the train-- just as he was trying to tell me where his band might play. Oops.


Just thought it was an interesting place to meet someone.

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ICQ 7 years ago when I was 15 and he was 16 (22 and 23 now). Both were mad Michael Jackson fans, made websites together. We grew out of that... LOL! Only friends up until last year! Last year was the first time we'd seen photos of each other and hello, physical attraction both ways. When we finally met I couldn't believe the guy I'd been friends with all that time was a total hunk and what I missed, but no more! Aha!

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I met mine on .


The crazy thing was it turned out we had some mutual friends/acquaintances in common, and had even been and competed in some of the same mountain bike races...maybe even passed each other on the course....but had not been introduced or run into each other! So, it was more like we just got tired of fate taking it's sweet time, and pushed it along ourselves


I contacted him first on link removed with a wink but neither of us belonged to it, but he found me on lavalife and emailed me, and we started chatting. Found out how much in common we had in terms of our interests and laughed at the friends we knew, and we met within a week of first talking to one another online, had a fantastic date, and the rest is well, history to present and future!

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At university.


Not getting at people but I am genuinely surprised how many people have met their partners online. I did not realise how prevolent it was. In saying that my cousin did meet his online & then moved to Boston to marry her.

I think this is a little bias though. Remember the replies here are from active forum posters too! so they use internet resources a lot more than general people.

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