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i need help fast as to my shyness


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Well, first, I think you should relax. Put things into perspective. You're just talking, being friendly, after all.


Why are you shy around people? Are you nervous that they won't like you? Scared of rejection? Or you're just not sure how to talk to other people?


If you're nervous they won't like you, then you can relax. First of all, most people are too self absorbed to care about you when they first meet you. Instead of putting your efforts into worrying and being shy and self conscious, you should start learning that everyone is interesting and unique and put your efforts into learning about other people. Ask questions. Most people will be receptive when you talk to them, unless they are a jerk, in a bad mood or really busy, in which case its no reflection on you.


If you want to say something to somebody (unless its rude) just say it, without thinking about it. You shouldn't be nervous...you're just being friendly. Shyness is often misinterpreted as rudeness, and I'm sure you want to come accross as polite. Don't be nervous. You'll do fine. A lot of people are shy and most the time would be happy to talk to you.

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