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So here I sit and ponder on this dark and lonely night

About my life I wonder as my insides start to fight


Fight about decisions decisions made so fast

About a special person left within my past


My past is all I have with her she's gone and left for good

Now I'm left with feelings even if not understood


But understanding comes even if the cost is great

The cost I gave was her but I guess that is just fate


Fate has gone this far so who knows where it leads

For right now I'm not happy it has me on my knees


Begging for the happiness that's left me here so blue

God how I just wish that none of this were true


Though nothing could be truer I'm dyin every day

So I drown the sorrows and lord I try to pray


Pray for happiness that I once had in my life

And find a true existence and kill this inner strife

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