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Confidence vs Cockiness

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Thought this would be a good topic as its clear there is a difference between the two.


i would say cockiness would be boasting about yourself all the time, how much money you make, the car you drive etc...


and confidence being playful little jokes, confident enough to let the "awkward" pauses (i quoted it because well if you are confident, they really arent that awkward to you now are they ? ) go by naturally etc...


any disagreements, additions etc?

(as a guy i only can see half the picture here)

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I think confidence and cockiness can be closely related and ever integrated together by some people.


I consider myself at times confident and sometimes I've even displayed cocky behaviour- usually not seriously, but I've been called on it.


I think confidence is that natural self assurance individuals possess that make them appear comfortable in their own skin. They are able to be themselves and not care what others think because they have this innate knowledge they're beautiful or smart or whatever.


Cockiness is something that is projected out of insecurity in my opinion. I think people who are confident don't feel the need to go out of their way to brag about their looks or possessions because they do not feel the need to verify or prove their talents or privalages and put others down in comparison to make themselves superior. People who are cocky are often insecure with themselves and turn to vanity as a kind of defense mechanism. Boasting about yourself, or being cocky, to me makes the person look really small because they care so much.

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As seen here, confidence is confiding in or trusting yourself as you are in every moment.


On the other hand, as seen here, cockyness is not being confident, and covering up this supposed lack with some form of artificiality.


Simply being, in all situations is being confident. Nothing else is required.


Being cocky may be being jokey, fooling around, 'having fun'. But who is being fooled by this 'display'?


Isn't this about being genuine rather than false, or fake?


Not that there is anything wrong with cockyness. I mean making it wrong would be cockyness wouldn't it....

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